Los Cabos International Convention Center

This work had to be completed in record time. Only 7 months after construction began, it was scheduled to host the G20 meeting in Los Cabos. We were able to meet the deadline by using pre-cast elements, 3D modeling on BIM, and cutting-edge design technology. The structure consists of a basement parking lot, a ground floor for the exhibition and convention center, a services mezzanine and deck. The entire building is made up of precast rigid frames.

Among the distinguishing features of this work were the environmental initiatives that were implemented, making this building unique of its kind in Mexico. It is one of Baja California Sur's most emblematic structures, and one of the most innovative of its kind. It permits energy and water use efficiency through the integration of photovoltaic panels that supply power to the entire building; thermal insulation to save on air conditioning; LED lighting, which significantly reduces power consumption; a treatment plant and rainwater collection, two facilities that treat water for reuse; and finally, a 2,038m2 green wall ( the largest in the world ) with endemic species from the region.


Government of Baja California Sur


Los Cabos, BCS

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Work completed: