Bernardo Quintana Arrioja Prize

27 years ago, a group of Mexican entrepreneurs had the idea of creating some way to recognize Mexican youth with a permanent stimulus that would have a transcendent impact on their lives. Through the Fundación de Apoyo a la Juventud, this group— which included ICA—approached public educational institutions to propose five qualities that we thought should be inculcated among young people: academic excellence, leadership, service, value and patriotism.

Thus was born an award that would recognize these merits. After conducting a survey in Mexico's business world to find the right name—one that would describe the most outstanding businessperson of his time, who would serve as an example and an inspiration because of his career—all agreed unanimously on engineer Bernardo Quintana Arrioja. His own family added a scholarship. The Bernardo Quintana Arrioja Prize was first awarded in 1988, recognizing five preparatory school students from UNAM, the IPN and Conalep.

Since the award was created, three ceremonies have been held each year, one per institution, attended by all of those who apply for the prize, the institution's director or rector, and representatives of ICA, the Quintana family, and the Fundación de Apoyo a la Juventud. Hundreds of young people respond to the call for entries, proof of the Prize's renown. To date, more than 104 awards have been given at UNAM, 108 at the IPN and 111 at Conalep, each of them representing a scholarship awarded by the Quintana family.

Besides enabling us to recognize young people, this award has proven the potential of youth that receive stimulus, motivation and spaces to pursue their goals. Some young people who received the award not only study and earn brilliant grades but support their families by working and studying at the same time. Others have traveled the world representing Mexico in academic and sporting competitions. ICA is proud to participate in this business award, which recognizes youth who are outstanding examples not only to Mexican society but to the world at large.