Mexican cacti, a commitment with the local flora

The El Realito aqueduct project has given us a chance to work with one of Mexico's most emblematic plant species: cacti. In relocating some of these to make way for the project and replanting the surrounding area, we overcame some unforeseen challenges in ensuring that they would survive when the project was complete.

Through soil analysis, we detected zones of severe water erosion that had been stripped of their layer of vegetation and deep holes had opened up. The solution was to create dams to retain the vegetation and keep it from being washed away by the rain.

We also collected 12.07 kg of germplasm from 20 species, which were used to grow 7,083 plants in our nurseries that were replanted over 150 hectares.

To care for and monitor the cacti we planted, we created a series of geo-referenced, inventoried and defined polygons. A GPS system gives us the exact location of each of the 130,356 cacti that we relocated in rural and urban zones, belonging to some 33 species. A total of 153 polygons were formed, 109 in the state of Guanajuato and 44 in San Luis Potosí.

ICA is a company that builds for the benefit of society, and we know that this aqueduct will mitigate future water supply problems for people living in central San Luis Potosí. With this effort to preserve local biodiversity, it also demonstrates our commitment to nature.