Sustainability Management Practices

Because sustainability is an issue crucial to this Company, in 2010 we created a Committee on sustainability (COS), whose main purpose is creating the guidelines needed to be more efficient and responsible in our development of infrastructure. The COS reports directly to the executive Committee and since it was created, meets every two months to review strategic sustainability issues.

In 2013, COS sessions were attended by directors from the finance, administration, sustainability, legal, human Capital and IT areas, as well as invited experts from outside the Company, specialists on the issues discussed in each meeting. This enabled participants to share experiences and best practices relating to sustainability in the business.

Topics discussed by the COS in 2013

1st COS 2nd COS 3rd COS 4to COS 5to COS 6to COS Material subjects
Sustainability objectives 4 Strategic sustainability issues [environment, safety and health, research, development and social innovation] Special guest Competitiveness Balanced Scorecard Sustainability Indices (Dow Jones Sustainability Index and IPC Sustainable Index) DJSI – environment, corporate governance and attraction and retention of talent. Strategic planning – Balanced Scorecard
ICA's reputation Innovation documents Balanced Scorecard Markets and financial analysts Strategic sustainability planning 2013 Sustainability Report Reputation
ICA evaluation by rating agencies ICA Reputation Implications of Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for ICA Key social issues Suppliers and subcontractors Management and performance of COS Sustainability ratings
COS structure Value trees Safety and health Suppliers and subcontractors     Safety and health
Progress of sustainability commissions Safety and health   Prime IMSS – Safety and health     Sustainability indexes
Reputation     Whistleblowers hotline and ethics     Suppliers and subcontrators

Based on strategies designed within the Sustainability Committee and promoted by Sustainability Department, operational management of sustainability in ICA is carried out by committees or specialized areas. The committees have representatives from all business units and are directed by members of senior management. They meet periodically to discuss material issues, create the necessary guidelines for operations and regularly review progress and results, which are reported to the Sustainability Committee and in turn to the Committee on Finance, Planning and Sustainability.