Academic Platform

We offer an academic platform for our workers, including videoconferences, interactive material, forums, simulations and evaluations to receive training and assistance with their personal and professional advancement. This online platform is supported by ICA experts and highly prestigious institutions, and serves as a tool that fives our workers access to better opportunities within the organization.

As part of our internal strategy, we have a training and development program. This plan has two fundamental objectives:

1. Promote training, professional and personal advancement for our employees, based on learning schemes that strengthen their knowledge.

2. Generate the necessary intellectual capital and form experts in the specialties that enable us to maintain our leadership position in the industry.

Training and development allow our workers access to better opportunities within our organization, with a well-defined career plan consistent with the training plans for each position and individual. Both are focused on the skills we need to maintain our leadership as a company.

To make all of this possible we created an academic training platform. The objectives are to satisfy this company's specialized training needs, promote knowledge and business solutions, and offer opportunities for the formation and professional growth of our workers.

We offer programs designed by ICA expert with extensive experience and a long track record within the company; other highly prestigious institutions are also part of the platform, broadening the range of subject matters covered.

Our e-training programs offer immediate access to a series of courses and simulations that associates can access 24/7 --all you need is a computer and an internet connection. In this platform you'll find videoconferences, interactive material, forums, simulations and evaluations.