Mexico - Tuxpan Highway

This highway was built according to the new system of public-private partnerships, which benefit users by permitting the construction of quality overland routes. In this system, private investment and government are combined to ensure superior service. In an alliance with Globalvia Infraestructuras, we participated in the construction, maintenance and the conservation of the Nuevo Necaxa - Avila Camacho highway, which is a four-lane segment of the Mexico - Tuxpan road. We performed impact and environmental mitigation studies that resulted in reforestation initiatives, protection and fire control measures, and the monitoring and conservation of flora and fauna.

This work is a unique feat of engineering, not only because of its 36,646 kilometer length but its 12 bridges, one of which is the highest in Mexico and the America: the San Marcos Bridge. It is set on a horizontal curve, has a length of 850 meters and a roadbed 18.7 meters wide.


Ministry of Communications and Transport


Nuevo Necaxa - Avila Camacho, Veracruz

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