We are grateful to the communities and people we work with locally, so we make sure our projects and activities leave a positive mark on them; either by creating jobs or through social and environmental responsibility programs. In 2013 we benefited more than 1.7 million people, 419,922 people more than in 2012.

Program Actions taken People benefited
Adopt a school 58 25,014
Bring a school closer 3 57
ICA helps 101 1,626,233
ICA health 10 57
INEA 12 94
Environment 14 5,095
Volunteers 17 31,734
Reforestation 5 75,577
Total 220 1,772,349
Total in 2013 487 1,352,427

We are particularly proud of our "Adopt a school" program, which benefited up to 25,000 people from communities surrounding our projects. Through other initiatives like "ICA Helps" and " Reforestation," we reach 1.5 million and almost 80,000 beneficiaries, respectively.

We know our commitment to Mexico and it communities allows us to strengthen our position at the top of the industry both nationally and internationally. Click here to download our integrated activities report.

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