A High-Performance Vision (Organizational Culture)

The world around is constantly changing. We must constantly keep up with new skills, new requirements and amended regulations. With our habitual commitment and responsibility, we focus on constantly adapting our organizational culture to maintain our leadership in the field of Construction and Civil Engineering in Mexico and the world.

We are a Mexican company with 68 years of experience keeping up with Mexico's historic changes. We have successfully represented the nation overseas and to do so, we have had to continually rethink our organization to always remain at the forefront of new infrastructure and sustainability trends. In this transition process, we are always reaching for the next level of success.

The new top management team of Empresas ICA headed by Alonso Quintana, has as a primordial responsibility to continue the successful work that until now has defined us inside and outside the country. To this end, eight initiatives were born, aimed at improving our construction performance, increasing the efficiency of the concession business, optimizing the profitability of real estate housing, improving financial planning, stepping up our international expansion, obtaining a greater effective asset flow, and focusing on the organizational model and culture change.

In this new path of change we defined three clear goals:

1. To operate more efficiently; to look for new and better ways to add value for our shareholders.

2. To improve performance.

3. To create more opportunities for each worker and for the Company by focusing on both the operational and cultural level.

This change is part of a constant evolution that seeks to building success in an increasingly complex environment, full of challenges, with new competitors and new forms of hiring.

For us to remain leaders in our industry, we have to raise the levels of efficiency, making sure the projects maintain our standard of quality and maintain the margins that our shareholders have come to expect. Furthermore, we apply sustainability practices and develop increasingly innovative solutions to keep up with this phase of change.

Another aspect that merits our close attention is our people. In this phase of change, they are also affected by shifts within the organization. The new labor agreement proposed for all the organization is based on mutual commitment: ours to our workers, and our workers to us.

This is clearly the start of a very positive period of change that will bring us to the next level, adding more years of experience, more construction and more workers, dedication, commitment, leadership and effort.

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