Eastern Discharge Tunnel

Over the years, Mexico City has been shaped by a series of floods, some of them of great magnitude. The fact that the city was first build on a lake bed has made its subsoil soft, muddy and highly unstable. But need the city was forced to depend on the exploitation of groundwater for its water supply, causing a slow but unmistakable sinkage.

To solve the problem of the collapse of drainage systems, which previously functioned by gravity and now require an auxiliary pump, we built the Eastern Discharge Tunnel, which is 62 kilometers long. It is one of the greatest engineering works of the 21st century, not just because it doubles the drainage capacity of the Mexico City valley, but conveys wastewater to the nation's largest treatment plant, located in Hidalgo. This tunnel diminishes the likelihood of major flooding and benefits 15 million people in the eastern part of the city.


Mexico City

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