Innovation areas

We always remain at the forefront of the industry, to offer our clients innovative solutions to their needs and capitalize on areas of opportunity. Our people are fully trained to meet any challenge and context; they conduct research and apply technologies to increase the productivity and profitability of all our projects.


3D Modeling on BIM

ICA's BIM (Building Information Modeling) system has become an indispensable tool for strictly controlling project development, preserving our core competencies of engineering excellence and architectural practice. This is a specialized area in ICA, with a track record of over 70 projects in which it has helped to improve process control, monitoring and management of the business of building infrastructure--plants, offices, hospitals, dams and airports, as well as services needed at all stages of the project's life cycle, whether urban construction, heavy construction, ports, water and mining, or others.


ICA Engineering

We are the leading Mexican company leader in engineering and construction solutions. We are committed to implementing an infrastructure with cutting edge technology that provides efficient, sustainable solutions. We have been involved in building structures of such magnitude that they have contributed to the economic and environmental growth of entire nations; we study and build overland routes, water management facilities, highways, hospitals, ports and more, always in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.



We are a Mexican company expert in providing comprehensive solutions to the greatest infrastructure challenges of this country and the world. Our partnerships have allowed us to expand to the rest of the globe under an effective, sustainable and responsible business model. We develop innovative and effective approaches ranging from social buildings, roads, resorts, and hydroelectric plants to airports and mining facilities. All our companies, regardless of their field, work under the same philosophy and strategy, which defines the company: Success and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority.