Mangroves, a natural fortress for Aak Bal

Aak-Bal Marina Village Golf & Beach Resort is a tourist complex in the state of Campeche, designed in harmony with the environment. The project will be surrounded by a fortress—not of concrete or steel, but a natural barrier of three species of mangrove trees, all of them subject to special protection, creating one of the most authentic ecotourism experiences in the country. The mangrove has a number of qualities that make it ideal for environmental preservation.

Repopulating the zone with mangroves required a number of activities, the first of which was to create a nursery with collected seeds. By December, there were already 50,255 trees from the three species. Tree planting sites were then identified, first those most heavily affected by meteorological events and then those where mangroves would improve the landscaping. Some 5.28 hectares were reforested during the rainy months.

The environmental benefits will be significant: the mangrove provides a habitat for various species of aquatic, amphibious and land animals. It also helps protect the beaches by serving as a natural barrier against hurricanes and floods.

Our work there is not over. As the mangroves grow, we will monitor their progress, making sure they are free of plagues and excess humidity. But from now on, as guests stroll from the hotel to the beach, they will enjoy the hundreds of mangroves that beautify the landscape of this project, unique in Mexico. Click here to download our integrated activities report.