Pachuca Central Library

In order for a nation to promote culture among its people, spaces must be built for it. This is what inspired us to build this library, as part of Hidalgo's cultural heritage. We want people to learn from their country, and what better way that through Mexico's rich literary and cultural history..

This museum includes an exhibition area of 1,680 m2, 1,460 m2 in covered parking and 1,010 m2 in terraces. It also has administrative offices, an auditorium, Access Square, a one-piece elevator, lobbies and an exterior area. It has a foundation of isolated footings, spread footings and structural connecting tie beams: metal columns, slabs built on metal structures and intermediate level systems based on steel slabs; it is sided in a tridilosa type structure.


Hidalgo State Government


Cultural park David Ben Gurión, Pachuca

Construction start:


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