Pacific Access Channel (PAC 4)

This work was part of the Expansion Program of the Panama Canal, and was divided into four phases. Together with the Spanish company FCC and the Costa Rican MECO, we won the international competitive bidding process for contract to build Phase 4 of the program (PAC 4). This stage involved expanding the canal's capacity to increase the flow of ships through a third access lane. This work has given a boost to Panama's GDP and has helped to promote foreign investment and industrial development in the maritime sector.

During Phase 4, between the existing canal and the new canal, we excavated 26 million m3 of material and hauled away 30 million m3. The project also involved injecting treatments, clearing unexploded ordnance and a rainwater capture channel. The work also included the construction of a 2.8 km dam between the canal and the new road.


Panama Channel

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