Through our Talent Program for Scholarship recipients, we seek to help university students develop professional careers in a reliable, honest, and effective working environment. The program also gives us the possibility of finding or identifying talent at an early stage and thus be able to offer them a career with ICA.

We look for students nearing completion of their degree-- at least of sixth semester of their program--to be able to assign them to a specific area and allow them to explore, demonstrate and develop their abilities and potential parallel to their education. We commit ourselves to supporting students for the entire school year so they can decide on a direction for their professional development.


  • • At least sixth semester of their degree program
  • • Availability to work between 20 and 25 hours (half time) or between 40 and 48 hours (full time) a week without neglecting their school responsibilities.
  • • Maximum program duration: 1 year
  • • Successful application for acceptance into the program