We know that today's world is constantly changing. Today we live in an increasingly globalized world, one in which economic markets are more volatile and competition in our markets is more voracious.

For this reason, to face the challenges posed by this context environment and continue building economic value sustainably, we have reorganized our business strategy.

Here we defined two clear financial guidelines: productivity and growth. We sought to achieve these financial results by expanding our presence in international markets, providing comprehensive solutions through our strategic alliances, becoming partner of choice to our clients, and offering a unique experience to any group that works with us.

Within our company, the processes to which we apply our core competencies are grouped into four strategic areas: Operating Efficiency, Excellent Solutions, Expansion and Growth, and Operating with a Sustainable Focus. All of this is sustained by the talent and human philosophy that makes up our work teams, a cutting-edge technological platform, reliable information systems and culture, our circle of value, and a strategy that is aligned throughout the organization.