Throughout the years we have modified our business strategy to adapt to the changing realities of an increasingly exacting and competitive environment. As experts in providing solutions to the complex challenges of market infrastructure, we seek to create value at every stage of our business cycle. According to ICA's strategy, the main objective is to increase the company's economic value in a steady and sustainable manner.

The search for cost-effective and sustainable solutions occupies a very important place in the company's strategy. Our long-term strategy is subject to innovation, the management of the social environment and the ability to manage resources more efficiently as pillars of our mission toward building a truly global company by 2018. Taking into account sustainability trends in Mexico and around the world, we defined the climate where ICA operates in terms of sustainability. plus, when updating our strategic plan, we identify the strategic sustainability issues to operate, survive and continue growing as a sustainable company:

  • Sustainable focus and strategic orientation
  • Relation with stakeholders
  • Leadership and corporate governance
  • Social commitment and management
  • Innovation and environment management
  • Supply chain and customer service
  • Health and Safety
  • Organization culture

Once we identify the issues, we proceeded to design these strategic sustainability planning process, with specific goals and initiatives for each issue.

Sustainability maturity model

According to the maturity level diagram, ICA is currently toward the end of phase 3. We now have a sustainability management model and formal initiatives for attaining the proposed objectives, and we have established goals and initiatives for 2015, 2017 and 2020. In an exercise to assign priorities to our sustainability actions, we were able to identify the gaps between the levels where we currently stand and where we want to be in the short, medium and long terms.