Globally, only China and India rival Mexico in terms of the diversity of vegetation. Of the 250,000 plant species recorded in the world, 10% grow in our country, putting is in fourth place worldwide. According to the National Institute for Statistics and Geography (INEGI), 73% of the country still maintains its natural plant cover--some 140.4 million hectares, mainly composed of: dry scrubland, 29%; forests, 17.6%; and jungle, 16.6%.

Sustainable development requires, first, access to adequate infrastructure and second, avoiding negative environmental impacts. Since 2010, we have reforested over 2,500 hectares (approximately 3,500 Aztec Stadium) and we have planted a total of 2,553,786 trees (the wooded portion of Mexico City's vast Chapultepec Park only has 38,825 trees).

In projects of greater environmental impact, we have Environmental Management Units that serve as shelters for the care of rescued species, seedlings and compost units. We work with local communities and universities to complement our knowledge on the management of flora and fauna and to better care for the environment.

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