Our sustainability policy states that to better manage waste, we will control discharges into streams and water bodies; reduce emissions into water, air and earth; reuse, recover and recycle materials whenever possible; and follow environmentally safe disposal standards.

All the waste we produce is handled in accordance with the applicable legislation of our country and of the other countries where we operate. the final disposal of the waste is handled by third parties and includes recovery for re-use, sanitary landfills, dumps and controlled confinement of hazardous waste.

We are associated with Proactiva Medio Ambiente, a company that provides integrated management of water and waste. Proactiva ensures comprehensive and efficient operation of water and sanitation services, through a wide range of services that provides innovative solutions to meet the needs of each city.

Among the benefits and main activities of this company in supporting states, municipalities and other agencies include improving service quality, maximizing coverage levels for drinking water, drainage and metering; preserving the available water, providing access to more financial resources by taking advantage of private investment, generating a reliable and secure credit organization, and participating in federal programs that have funding to disburse. In this way, we guarantee a and efficient service in the treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste based on compliance with Standard NOM-083.

In our partnership with Proactiva, we place a priority on technical and financial support, service continuity and modernization, reducing greenhouse gases through carbon offset certificates, sustainable development in final waste disposal, fuel savings, and increased efficiency in trash collection and social awareness campaigns.