Social Organizations and Unions

Since our founding in 1947 we have been committed to Mexico's social, economic and environmental development. That is why we consider it essential to support initiatives that represent our values and efforts in sustainability. ICA is committed to promoting and respecting human rights, the environment, labor standards and anti-corruption practices with initiatives like the Global Compact, with which the philosophy of our company is enriched.

Other initiatives such as the Council of the Commission on Private Sector Studies for Sustainable Development (CESPEDES) improve our practices in the areas of infrastructure and sustainable cities, a matter of the utmost importance today because of the scarcity of natural resources, growth and demographic changes, among others.

On the other hand, we also joined forces with the Water Advisory Council, a national, independent, non-profit organization that seeks to solve the problem of water resources in Mexico and the rest of the world. Our commitment is to support the Council and make communities more aware of the use and care of the water and the importance of developing sustainable infrastructure.

As for electricity, we also have a commitment with the Trust for Electric Energy Savings (FIDE) and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), institutions that promote the responsible use of energy and teach energy saving actions.