General Impact

At ICA we promote a socio-environmental balance that allows for an improvement in communities' quality of life and the constant evolution of the environment and its resources. We are respectful of legislation that promotes good environmental practices and the use of methods that reward the creation of a healthy environment.

In particular, for environmental flora and fauna--two elements that are often the most heavily affected by the process of infrastructure development--we have special measures mentioned in the Official Mexican Standard for Protection of the Environment and Native Species of Mexico. This standard requires us to identify, rescue, relocate and protect the species listed in this rule, either because they are at risk or simply because they are endemic to the region.

We work through the Environmental Management Systems certified under ISO 14001:2004. We identify the species of flora and fauna listed and carry out rescue work, if necessary before beginning any project. Similarly, we undertake reforestation, monitoring, protection and waste management programs to avoid, as far as possible, the loss of landscape and biodiversity of the regions in which we operate.