Health and Safety on the Job

Every company has to deal with risks on the job. But because this company is engaged in activities that involve unique workplace hazards, ICA considers occupational health and safety to be strategic priorities. In fact, according to a study by the Mexican social security Institute (IMSS), the construction industry has the third highest level of labor risk in Mexico. That is why we place special emphasis on offering our employees a workplace environment that encourages safety, health, prevention and shared responsibility.

Our policies are based on training and commitment. While we provide all the health and safety guidelines, employees are responsible for being aware of them and following them at all times. We have a policy in which we pledge to work towards a culture of Zero Accidents and constantly conduct safety campaigns in which all relevant procedures are taught.

In 2013 we had a frequency rate of 0.79, which means that there was less than one accident for every 100 workers. On the other hand, our Severity Index, which reflects the number of days lost through accidents or illnesses related to work for every 100 workers, was 15.67.