At ICA we seek to generate a value in the infrastructure that we develop, offering a wide range of services and intelligent investment in productive assets.

In design and engineering, we have the expertise to efficiently provide integrated civil and industrial construction solutions. We use the latest technology to offer our customers developments that resolve their needs and comply with all regulations.

In terms of financial structure, we are experts in organizing long-term projects with both international and domestic funding sources, which reduces costs and ensures resources are available for coming developments.

Our strategic partnerships add additional skills to our portfolio of work and technologies we can use for complex projects. They also help us to reduce risk and capital requirements.

More often than not, we execute our developments under the most challenging situations, conveying the manpower, materials and machinery wherever and whenever necessary. We make innovative use of new technologies and materials, improving quality and reducing costs. As we carry out our construction activities, we seek to minimize risks to the environment or sensitive areas.

In our infrastructure operation, we seek maximum customer satisfaction. The tools that define us are efficiency, continuous process improvement, adoption of new technologies and reduced use of energy.

As our developments mature, their value increases. Within our portfolio of activities, we make it a practice to realize the created value and release it for the arrival of new infrastructure.

From development of roads and water treatment infrastructure to energy projects and hospitals, ICA has the expertise necessary for the design, engineering, financial and partnership structures, construction, operation and management of any type of market.

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