Supply Chain

With a professional, proactive and cordial work team, whose aim was to maximize the use of ICA's resources while prioritizing safety and respect for the environment, we go beyond the traditional vision of effectively and competitively buying goods and services, and find greater meaning in the ability to bring about transcendental changes by serving as a conduit for carrying the company's values of ethics, service, commitment, efficiency and teamwork far beyond the sphere of its own operations.

Because we know how important a top-quality supply chain is for preserving ICA's leadership in the construction industry, we have blazed new trails in procurement management, strengthening relationships with our commercial partners, reducing potential risks and expanding our sphere of influence.

1. Master plan
A package of documents, plans, standards, permits, etc. that ICA obtains upon winning a competitive bidding or project assignment.

2. Procurement plan
Planning the requirements for materials and services that will be used during project execution; this plan is subject to update during the project's development.

3. Detailed requirements
Defining the scope of the clients needs, such as manufacturing and supply programs, compliance and specifications; the technical team, suppliers and specialists participate in defining in detail the materials and services to be requested.

4. Selection and assignment of suppliers and subcontractors
Process of selecting the companies that will strengthen the supply chain and who will share the risks to ensure compliance with internal policies on meeting clients needs, and taking maximum advantage of their capacities and strengths.

5. Consolidation of the purchase or subcontract
Formalization of the purchase or contract for services based on the plan, assembling the documents, supports and authorizations required, in addition to the payment plan or financial scheme.

6. Commercial operation management
Ensures adherence to administrative and financial processes based on agreements established in the formalization of the purchase or service contract. Planning begins based on this information.

7. Project closure
Full execution of all the processes involved in the supply chain.

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